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About The Software


Free Spy Keylogger software is one of the newest Keylogger specifically designed for parents and employers to monitor EVERYTHING that happens on ANY PC. When installed, our software gives you a peace of mind, while at the same time letting parents like you keep a discreet eye on everything your child does online and business owners can be sure that the company’s employees do what they should.




Is the keylogger visible via the add/remove programs? No! our software is 100% efficient and needs no installation to run. this means that it does not appear in the add/remove menu. moreover, it cannot be copied via any portable storage devices such as usb.


Can It Be Viewed Via The Task Manager?


The answer is yes and no. this depends on your system. on a 32bit system, our software remains hidden and will not show up in the task manager. however, a 62bit system has extra protection, which stops us from making Free Spy Keylogger software invisible. it can be found in the task manager but once it is installed, our software should work just fine. if the user tries to remove our software from the task manager, it will still capture everything. Free Spy Keylogger software uses some techniques to ensure that it will work and give you all the keystrokes log.


Can I Install Your Program On Multiple Pc’s Or Laptops?


Yes up to 5, you can but only on the Premium package. we give our clients the satisfaction of maximing the use of our software. we don’t put a limitation on our software usage. this means that if you have two or more computers (up to 5), you can install our program on each computer without the need to purchase extra licenses. our software is also perfect for companies that requires computer access all the time. by purchasing our Premium version, you can install it on every computer. For a license of more than 5 computer please contact us and we get you the best deal.

If you share your software with more than what you allowed, our automatic system detects it (with every system update so it can take 2-3 days) and block your code forever, no refunds are made for this issue and we reserve the right to take legal actions against the ones who do it.


Can Your Keylogger Be Detected Up By Any Antivirus Or Spyware Removers?


Keyloggers might be viewed as a malicious spyware but no, an antivirus cannot detect our software. most security companies that manufactures anti virus will view keyloggers as a threat when actually it is not. once considered a threat, they will add a certain keylogger to their list of threats but currently, our program is not detectable by any software.


Can I Install Your Program On My Friends Pc?


No. we don’t allow it. it is restricted. you cannot install our software into any pc or laptop that you don’t own. this is illegal and we don’t tolerate such actions.


Can I Get A Refund If I Don’t Use Your Software?


Yes. 30 days money back guarantee!


Will Your Program Damage My Pc Or Laptop?


No. our software has been tried and tested before we made it available to the market. we designed Free Spy Keylogger to be totally safe, which means that it will not damage your system. the great thing about our software is the fact that it does not change anything on your pc or even on its operating system. With our program, you can record all keystrokes, programs running, passwords, screenshots, webcam images and many more logs done on your PC. Our program is reliable and efficient all the time. It also automatically send logs to your email. What are you waiting for? Download it now to maximize its offered benefits today!


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