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Everything You Need to Know About Key Logger





You might have heard about key logger before. This security tool allows you to spy on someone without his/her knowledge. Oftentimes, we associate key logger with malicious spyware and other bad names just because we think that it might be used against us. Well, it can be a bad software if you don’t use it properly. However, these days, many computer users are using key logger not for their own interest, but due to several reasons, which might include safety and surveillance purposes. With a key logger, you don’t have to look on someone’s shoulder to see what they are doing over the internet.

Understanding Key Logger

Key logger software has come a long way since it was first introduced to the public. Most of us are familiar with key logger but we really don’t know what it is and how it functions. Does it look like a spy camera? A key logger is a type of surveillance software. From the word itself, you have an idea what it does. Sometimes called as keystroke logging, a key logger is the action of recording the keys struck on a keyboard; thus the name keystroke logger come to life. It is done discreetly that the computer user will not know that he/she is being monitored. A key logger can be also called as a PC spy or a keylogger spy. It provides a complete log of text entered such as passwords, emails sent and as well as the website being visited by a computer user.

This log can be automatically sent over a remote connection without the user’s knowledge. This is the main reason why a key logger is sometimes known as a remote keylogger. However, because of this key logger’s trait, it is usually thought as a malicious malware and it is often detected and removed by a virus scanner. However, also some monitoring software or key loggers are commercially available for home and office used. In this way, a key logger has a distinctive set of purpose and it can come handy at times.

What A Key Logger Do?

These days, a key logger does more than just log keystrokes. Some commercially available keyloggers has a set of extra features that makes them very useful in some situations. Some key loggers can take screenshot of the computer at a preset interval time. This will give you an idea what a computer user is doing. There is also a key logger that runs invisibly so the user will not know about it and can send the list of logs over the owner’s email address without the user knowing it. Moreover, some key loggers also have the ability to record, identify which programs are running, and for how long it is being used. If you want to have the best keylogger, you should exert an effort to search a good key logger there is today.

Is It Legal to Use It?

The principle of using a key logger might sound inappropriate because you are spying on a computer user without him/her knowing, but it is completely legal to install it provided that you own the computer. Are you worried that it might be something illicit and against the law? Don’t be because as far as the law of the internet is concerned, you are allowed to install anything; as long as you are the owner. However, installing a key logger on a computer that it is not yours is illegal and is punishable in all countries. A key logger when installed on the wrong computer can build a link towards illegal actions such as identity theft and scamming.

Most computer owners are installing a key logger on their computers due to several reasons. While some just want to monitor any activity on their computer, some are actually using it to protect their family members. Our family is important to us. We will do everything we can to protect them and wanted to know their activities, but sometimes, we might have some reservations because we know that they might not like it if we spy on them. Let’s face it, with the popularity of social media today, they might be communicating with a stranger who have bad motives. This is where a key logger can help you. A key logger will help you track what they are doing and identify a possible danger.

Apart from that, a key logger is also perfect for office used because it can be used to monitor a staff activity while he/she is using the company’s computer. It may seem intrusive, but installing a key logger is a way of making sure that an employee is using the company’s resources as intended. Spy monitor, key recorder, key logger or whatever you prefer to call it, this software is a good investment for your computer. A key logger can be useful both at home and in the office, so find a good key logger today.